Friday, January 17, 2014

Religion and Nationalism: Need or Burden??

Someone in my circle today posted his views that were somewhat criticizing religion and nationalism and inference was these are -ve things, below is what I replied:

Religion and Nationalism: both of these are EXTREMELY important and I feel they will remain so in near future. Reasons for this are many:

1. First and most important! It's almost impossible to judge something without getting attached to something else, what is good in one perspective is almost always bad in some other perspective. To deem something good/bad, we must have some rules and in almost all cases these come from either religion or nationalism.

2. We as humans are still not mature(read literate) enough to exist in singularity. For keep going(+ve or -ve), general public needs some kind of direction, goal, motivation, inspiration or whatsoever one may call it. In absence of it there will be a total chaos, everyone trying to follow their own set of rules and contradicting everyone else.

3. They bring in convergence by unifying people with similar thoughts, though someone can counter this by saying that in this case thoughts are being hardwired

Its true these have done a lot of harm, but we can't help it. Nothing is perfect and so are religion and nationalism. But I think, we so called modern, liberal idea holders are changing it bit by bit, expanding these very ideas, trying to get a day when we won't need religion and nationalism

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